Driftwood presented in this page is brought by the river of Danube. After unique way wood is pealed, brushed and smoothed, it has a rest on the bank called Riviera by locals. Here, the sun and air write down the story of water pilgrims deeply in their skin, similary as it happens to a man. The unique handwriting of nature makes each of them an original and let your imagination tell their story.



“ I am really happy to tell you that my husband liked his present a lot.
I am sending you a picture of the clock at home. “

~ Iva, Koekelberg, Belgium ~

“ Luster je jedinečný.
Zaujme každú návštevu. “

~ Soňa, Bratislava, Slovakia ~

“ It's really nice, good job ;-)
Thank you for this beautifull work and the good parcel. “

~ Jérémie, Valleiry, France ~

“ Zrkadlo sa nám skvele hodí do kúpeľne pre hostí.
Ďakujeme. “

~ Mária, Vinosady, Slovakia ~

“ The shipping went great; I am so happy with the way it turned out!
Thank you! “

~ Samantha, Denver, USA ~

“ I'm lucky it found you. It has a wonderful story to tell. Again, thank you for taking it home with you, giving it the finishing touch and sending it.

~ Annicq, Mechelen, Belgium ~



Bratislava, Slovakia

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